Discover why marketers embrace customer data platforms.

Customer data platforms (CDP) are a game changer for brands seeking to drive customer engagement, precision targeting, and personalized messages. Adopting a CDP enables real-time, data-driven decisions that enhance marketing’s efficacy and success. The Relevancy Ring report surveyed marketers across various industries to assess the value a CDP brings to marketing and evaluates major players in the space.

In the Relevancy Group's CDP Ring report, RedPoint Global achieved the most Client Satisfaction awards and performed exceptionally in the Integration, Technical Services, Usability, Product Innovation, and Technical/Customer Support categories.

A few key takeaways from the report include:

  • 89% of financial services and 86% of retail marketers have seen an increase in marketing KPIs since deploying a CDP  
  • 80% of marketers report that the efficiency of marketing operations has improved since introducing a CDP
  • CDPs are industry agnostic and are used to underpin key marketing strategies and tactics
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