Duration:  35 minutes

Brands are competing on CX. This requires hyper-personalized, real-time omnichannel experiences, but that’s impossible without starting at the beginning: identifying customers in real time, and identifying them in their proper context and cadence within their customer journey. Identity resolution is the root of these opportunities, but enterprises need a single point of control over customer data in order to accurately recognize customers in today’s dynamic customer experiences.

The Golden Record, which is the output of a robust Customer Data Platform, is your single point of control. By connecting data and eliminating silos, the Golden Record enhances ID resolution capabilities and provides organizations with a comprehensive view of every customer.

Join John Nash, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of RedPoint Global to discuss how leveraging a single point of control over data is foundational to then automating next-best actions and delivering contextually relevant engagement that increases revenue and competitive advantage.

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John Nash
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
RedPoint Global


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